You hit me with a flower


Not a bag of flour.

Even though I could rewrite history to make things cooler, I won’t. Not for this Memory Pop recollection, anyway.

It means Lou Reed’s Transformer record was the launch pad for my love of the great songwriter and guitarist whose singing was an interesting interpretation on the skill.

The Velvet Underground, John Cale, Mo Tucker, Andy Warhol, that New York noise and buzz: It all came after the needle dropped on Transformer when I was a teenager. Funny how needles of all sorts have played a part in creative lives for years.

What a record this is. And tape and CD and back full circle to vinyl.


Lou Reed, Transformer


Every track, morsels of brilliance from 1 to 11.


“Vicious, you hit me with a flower, you do it every hour” — Vicious

“If I could be anything in the world that flew, I would be a bat and come flying after you” — Andy’s Chest

“Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself, I thought I was someone else, someone good” — Perfect Day

“She smoked mentholated cigarettes and she had sex in the hall.” — Hangin’ Round

“Sugar plum fairy came and hit the street, looking for soul, food and a place to eat” –Walk on the Wild Side

“Then comes pancake factor number one, eyeliner rose hips and lips gloss are such fun” — Make Up

“I’ve been told that you’ve been bold with Harry, Mark and John” — Satellite of Love

“And then why don’t you wake me, shake me, please don’t you let me sleep too long …” — Wagon Wheel

“I am calling, yes I am calling just to speak to you, for I know this night will kill me, if I can’t be with you” — New York Telephone Conversation

“I do what I want and I want what I see, could only happen to me” — I’m So Free

“Ah, all night long you’ve been drinking your tequilla rye, but now you’ve sucked your lemon peel dry” — Goodnight Ladies

Now listen.

Thanks Mr Reed. And a certain David Bowie.

Badge on Memory Pop.





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