What do you give someone who has everything?

Pop Biog

You give them a visual floating biography of themselves.

For the last three years or so I’ve been creating bespoke art works for individuals based on my conversations and gentle interviews with them about their memories, interests and passions.

Whether it’s a piece of music or a book, a TV show or movie, or places and times re-visited in the mind, people enjoy sharing their stories.

The art works are made on canvas with pin badges representing memories, moments in time and favourite things.

The piece shown below features more than two and half thousand badges detailing, errr… me! My favourite bands, films and TV shows, as well as iconography, literature, art, places and sports are all represented and collated onto the canvas.



The works are intended to depict memories and spark conversations, bringing to life a personal history; they’re a visual, living biography of the person.

I have spent the best part of 25 years as a journalist interviewing people and talking personal favourites across all sorts of subjects.

The pieces help bring a private social history to life.

It’s a floating living biography of the person as the source of imagery and anecdote.

If you’d like to talk about commissioning your own Memory Pop for an individual, family or as a profile of your business, get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

The size and number of badges impacts the time taken to create each work which in turn affects the cost.

2 thoughts on “What do you give someone who has everything?

  1. I’m a friend of Pam Rolfe-Gonzalez. I am seeking a unique gift for my son’s 50th birthday. I would be interested in information about logistics, price and your ideas


    1. Hi Sherry
      How lovely to hear from a friend of Pam, one of the best people I know.

      Please visit my memorypop.co.uk website to get the full picture of what it is I am up to. Right now I am working on a 50th MemoryPop for a client. If and when you check out the website, please email me (hit contact) and we can talk logistics and price and how we might work together to create something that is as unique as unique can be,

      Very best



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